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Services provided by the IT company SEMSEO

The IT company SEMSEO in Boston  provides comprehensive website administration with subsequent promotion in search engines and daily increases in site traffic. Addressing any shortcomings made by the developers of your project is also part of our responsibilities. When we take on your website, our goal is to make it flawless; compromising on imperfections is not within our competence

We will not only develop, populate, and SEO optimize your website but also integrate CRM systems (AmoCRM, CRM.MD, or Yclients). We will set up effective contextual advertising on Google, targeted advertising on social networks, and MyTarget. Our services include configuring efficient SMS campaigns. We will install and set up conversion tools such as Proofdy and Marquiz. Check our service prices here: Prices for IT services in Boston.

SEMSEO — is a comprehensive solution for managing, promoting, and developing your website on the Internet! We carry out enhancements, create content, administer and develop, promote, and advertise on search engines and social networks! Our knowledge and experience enable us to guarantee the best results for your online presence!

We provide only top-notch services. However, it’s essential to remember that no matter how high-quality your website is, without a proper advertising strategy, chances are no one will discover it. «SEMSEO» possesses extensive professional experience in the field of website promotion and online marketing. As years of practice have shown, about 90% of the success of any online business lies in the professional work of internet marketers.

Our list of services for you!

    • Website Audit (Positions, errors, backlinks, usability, pre-acceptance site audit).
    • Website Promotion (Improving website positions for search queries in search engines)
    • Web Hosting (Hosting sales, website installation and configuration, domain sales)
    • AMO CRM (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Yclients (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Jivochat (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Proofdy (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Marquiz (License sales, setup, and support services)

Promoting a business online is a labor-intensive process. It requires not only the effort equivalent to opening a standard enterprise but often surpasses it in the complexity of maintenance. Avoiding unforeseen difficulties is only possible if you entrust your project to specialists.