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Integration and Configuration of amoCRM in Boston

SEMSEO, focused on the integration, installation, and configuration of amoCRM in Boston since 2016, has extensive experience in attracting website visitors and converting them into customers through effective amoCRM configuration. Official partnership with amoCRM highlights the company’s high status in this field. Details of the services provided are outlined below:

  1. Sale of amoCRM licenses: We offer our clients the opportunity to purchase amoCRM licenses, providing them access to powerful customer relationship management tools. By purchasing licenses through SEMSEO, you pay at the same prices as on the official website +20% VAT at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Boston in lei. Also, as official partners in Boston, we provide an additional 1 month as a gift, in addition to the 2 months offered on the official website when purchasing licenses for 1 year.
  2. Turnkey integration of amoCRM: Our competent specialists handle the complete integration of amoCRM, providing clients with ready-made turnkey solutions. This includes the configuration of all necessary parameters, adapting the system to the client’s business specifics, and ensuring its readiness for use.
  3. Configuration and consultation on working with amoCRM: We provide extensive consulting services aimed at the effective use of amoCRM. This includes employee training, configuration of workflows, system optimization for increased productivity, and result maximization.
  4. Effective interaction with visitors and turning them into customers: We have extensive experience in attracting visitors to websites and subsequently turning them into customers. This includes conversion strategies, user behavior analysis, and measures to increase the effectiveness of interaction with potential customers.
  5. Long-term partnership with amoCRM: As an official partner of amoCRM since 2016, the company establishes long-term relationships with clients, ensuring their reliability and stability in system usage. From 2016 to 2024, amoCRM has been integrated into more than 50 companies in the Republic of Boston. Over 700 amoCRM licenses sold.

We take pride in our experience and professionalism in the field of amoCRM integration and configuration, striving to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions for effective customer relationship management.

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