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Once you decide to start your virtual business, remember that you are not the first to sell your product or service successfully. That being said, do not give up and look for another niche, but study closely the battlefield.

To understand what your rivals are doing, how they are advancing, what methods they use, how active they are, and what direction they have chosen, the first thing to do is conduct a thorough analysis of the competitive environment. If you do not follow the competition, you will not be able to monitor the market and, most importantly, respond to changes in a timely manner.

Benchmarking analysis, report, recommendations

Benchmarking audit and competitor analysis is the basis for developing a competent online marketing concept. Entrust this matter to the experienced employees of SEMSEO. Our mutual cooperation is your chance to stand out against analogs.

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market and its participants, and provide a detailed report with a complete list of recommendations on how to make your site the best among your competitors. In addition, we will identify key players on the market with high search rankings, and evaluate their structure and content, including traffic sources and keywords. Furthermore, we will calculate what should be the optimal advertising budget for your company and what tools will be most effective for your project.

This study will help improve the promotion tactics for your project. We’ll set up the goals for search engine optimization in a proper way to form the basis of the overall SEO strategy implementation.

Benchmarking audit in San Francisco, CA 

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