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The main goal of any website owner is to increase sales. To ensure effective functioning and online promotion of your web resource, you need to monitor its technical characteristics. The slightest failure or defect will negatively affect indexing by search engine robots, which reduces the trust degree for your site.

Technical audit of website: Complex activities

To minimize the risk of having such problems, it is necessary to audit the site’s technical conditions. This study can be done on your own, but it would be reasonable to ask SEMSEO experts for help.

We offer a set of measures which help to discover and eliminate software and technical errors on a website. Our employees know all the intricacies of impeccable functionality that are necessary for SEO optimization and reaching the top positions in search engines.

Technical audit of website: Individual strategy

We form an individual audit strategy for each client. It depends on the category, type, and size of a website, while taking into account all the tasks and suggestions of the customer. We will evaluate your site from the “inside” and analyze the resource reliability.

A technical audit involves the following:

  • assessment of your hosting choice;
  • testing the accurancy of server’s response to requests;
  • study of the management content system;
  • evaluation of the information structure;
  • checking the program code for compliance with accepted standard;
  • diagnostics of the site loading speedĀ  and its separate pages;
  • analysis of the quality and number of external links to the resource;
  • diagnostics of the site navigation system;
  • analysis of overall safety.

Technical audit of website: Detailed report

According to results of the site technical audit, we prepare a detailed report outlining all shortcomings, as well as recommendations for their removal.

Technical audit of website: San Francisco, CA

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