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Advertising on Google (contextual, display, remarketing)

SEMSEO, thanks to its effectiveness, obtained the Google Partner status in 2013 (Verified here…). We will create a separate advertising account for you and provide full access to it, set up advertising campaigns, select keywords, and create attractive ads. We will optimize the advertising, manage your Google advertising, and provide reporting and suggestions for increasing efficiency in a timely manner.

Organization and management of contextual advertising campaigns – the scope of work of SEMSEO includes:

  • Development of advertising campaign strategy – Gathering information about the promoted service, client, target audience, and concept formation.
  • Setting up the advertising campaign (Contextual, media, remarketing, app advertising, etc.) – Preparation, formation of relevant keywords, adjustment, coordination, and launch of the advertising campaign.
  • Campaign monitoring – Implementing the advertising campaign with operational interventions to adjust its course for optimal results.
  • Results analysis and reporting – Analytical report with comments on the achieved results.
  • Proposals for achieving greater advertising efficiency – Introduced based on audits of advertising campaigns.

Types of advertising on Google

Contextual advertising on Google – This type of advertising allows you to quickly display information about your product/service in the top positions of search results.

Media advertising on Google – Displaying banners on other websites, applications, and more.

Remarketing on Google – There are three types: those who visit a competitor – see your banners, those who enter your queries in the search – see your banners, and those who have been on your site – see your ads for another 10/30/60 days.

Google advertising provides several advantages for businesses in Boston:

  1. Target Audience: Advertising allows reaching the target audience, considering their interests, behavior, and search queries.
  2. Increased Visibility: Advertising displays at the top of search results, enhancing the visibility of your brand.
  3. Pay-Per-Click: The pay-per-click model efficiently utilizes the budget, paying only for actual clicks to your website.
  4. Analytics and Measurement: Google Ads provides tools for analyzing advertising campaign results, allowing optimization of strategy and budget.
  5. Geotargeting: The ability to configure the geographical orientation of advertising helps attract customers from specific regions.
  6. Budget Flexibility: You can manage your budget and make changes to the advertising campaign structure at any time.
  7. Diverse Ad Formats: Google Ads offers various ad formats, including text, graphics, videos, mobile ads, etc., allowing adaptation to different needs and platforms.
  8. Keyword Positioning: You can choose keywords for your ad to increase its relevance.
  9. Quick Start: Advertising campaigns can be launched relatively quickly, attracting attention to your product or service promptly.
  10. Variety of Ad Types: Google Ads provides different types of ads, such as text, graphics, videos, mobile, etc., allowing adaptation to various needs and platforms.
  11. Remarketing: Google Ads allows the use of remarketing to interact further with visitors to your site. Various forms of remarketing, such as dynamic remarketing, remarketing lists, and search remarketing, effectively remind users of your product or service, increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  12. Increased Conversions: Through careful targeting and analytics, Google advertising contributes to increased conversions, turning views into actions.
  13. Rating System and Relevance: Google employs a rating system that considers ad relevance for users, contributing to more effective ad display.
  14. Flexible Schedule Setting: The ability to set the time and days for ad display allows optimizing its effectiveness during different periods.
  15. A/B Testing: Google Ads supports A/B testing, allowing the evaluation of the effectiveness of various ads and strategies, optimizing results.
  16. Global Audience Reach: Google advertising provides the opportunity to reach a global audience, particularly beneficial for businesses with international presence.
  17. Integration with Other Services: Integration with other Google platforms, such as Google Analytics, ensures a more comprehensive analysis and optimization of the advertising strategy.
  18. Dynamic Product Advertising: The ability to create dynamic ads that automatically adapt to the specific interests of users increases their attractiveness.

Advertising on Google is a powerful tool for drawing attention to a brand, engaging effectively with the audience, and increasing conversions into actions.

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