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Website Audit

You have probably been frustrated spending plenty of time to make a booking or find the necessary contacts of a company. In many ways, this could be due to inconvenient structure of sections and the website interface.

In order not to confuse users when developing, it is necessary to study various scenarios of the target audience’s typical response to the Internet resource. Website audit requires a comprehensive approach. It is very important to think things through.

Website audit: architecture and design

That is why, when creating a website, we initially explore your business specifics and collect detailed information about your company, the project objectives, and your genuine expectations. Based on this, together with the customer, we draw up requirement specifications and propose a detailed website concept consisting of information architecture and design.

Resource architecture requires a clear structuring of information space: easy navigation, calculation of the perfect number of pages, sections, and files placed within each section, as well as a variety of additional services and features. All of this should be logically and visually constructed in a proper way, so that users can navigate easily.

Website design means its graphic image and style. When constructing the architecture we take into account the specificity and orientation of your company and all your suggestions and preferences. The best website design means simplicity and brevity; it should not only be beautiful but also comfortable.

Website audit: identifying shortcomings 

The website audit is a set of measures aimed to identify factors or shortcomings in setting up ad campaigns that impede the Internet resource from reaching the top positions of search engines. Every company planning to promote its business online, or at least struggling with any negative promotion experience, first needs a detailed site analysis and identification of unused opportunities.

Website audit: SEO services

Our set of SEO tools for website design and audit allows us to evaluate Internet portal efficiency and effectiveness while also including technical audit, text, search and marketing, usability, benchmarking, etc.

Also, our company is pleased to offer new services: SEO POSITIONS, SEO AUDITOR, SEO GLASS, and SEO LINK.

Each of our projects is as unique as each of our clients. A unique SEO is the key to success!

Website audit in California

SEMSEO offers best prices for website audits, web design analysis, usability testing and other web services in California and the US. Whether you are looking for a technical website audit in Los Angeles, or SEO audit in San Francisco, we are here to serve. Call us at +1 (650) 457 0098 !

Our experts provide all assistance to local businesses in California:

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