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It is obviously not enough just to create a site to insure a stable business and engage customers. If you want to have priority in the search engines, you need to actively promote the website, update it with new materials, and expand its functionality. Running a competitive web portal requires individual thought-out approach and high-quality support.

Website management: wide range of services

Strong development and promotion is the key to your success. Take care of your business today, otherwise you face a steep drop in the search results and a significant loss of potential customers. Rid yourself of unnecessary troubles and entrust the SEMSEO professionals with the duties of site management and development.

Our services include:

  • providing advice and detailed recommendations forĀ  further development of the project;
  • analyzing site traffic dynamics;
  • extending services in a timely manner, including expiry date of the domain and hosting lease;
  • forming and implementing site development strategies to meet operation standards and correspond with current trends;
  • restoring damaged or lost data (username and password);
  • supporting and administrating the site, including solutions to all the questions and issues involved;
  • placing the site data and the company data in directories and search engines;
  • updating information about the company on other sites.

Website management: data analysis

To maintain system performance and realize the overall success of your Internet project, it is extremely important to monitor the quantity and quality of visitors and their behavior: which pages or sections they are most interested in, how much time they spend on the site, etc.

Using Google Analytics, we analyze traffic to your portal. We install the counters, collect respective data, and make consequent conclusions necessary to optimize the resource. All these steps are included in the service of site administration.

We are ready to undertake all responsibility of your website management by constantly developing and improving it. Well-organized site operation and up-to-date maintenance are the keys to your success.

Website management: San Francisco, California

SEMSEO offers best prices for website management andĀ digital marketing services in California. Our experts provide all assistance to local companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and across the United States: