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Online Reputation Management

Good news spreads quickly and bad news even faster. No doubt negative messages attract everybody’s attention. That’s human nature. Scandalous publications are much more attractive.

Many users research online reviews regarding your company’s product and the company itself. Any negative statement can influence the attitude of customers towards your brand. The information flow is transmitted from one person to another by “word of mouth”. According to statistics, every dissatisfied customer dissuades 6 potential customers. Healing a damaged reputation and protecting yourself from bad PR is not so easy.

SERM: Negative references calculation

Search engine reputation management (SERM) maximizes image improvement for your brand, product, or service on the Internet. Open spaces of “the World Wide Web” are endless, and sometimes it is rather complicated to identify all the negative information about you. If your business success depends on public opinion, you cannot obtain desired results without high-quality reputation management.

It is not enough to periodically review the search results. To cope with this problem one can easily rely on services from e-marketing company SEMSEO. Our experts are familiar with detailed methods that help quickly and effectively resolve problems as they emerge. We use special software and technology to identify all the negative commentary about your company, and in turn we will improve your reputation.

Online Reputation Management: Solving problems

Creating a great reputation is important. It is not only about finding problems but also about eliminating them.

Thanks to our rapid response we can replace questionable comments about your company with positive or neutral ones. A well-thought-out strategy for dealing with public opinion gives us an opportunity to adjust a reputation at any stage of your business development and to monitor all the information available as it arises.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is aimed at improving your company’s favorable image and as a result, growing your partners’ level of trust.

Online Reputation Management: San Francisco, CA

SEMSEO is a California digital marketing company. We provide online reputation management and brand monitoring services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, all over the US and across the globe.

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