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SEO Audit of Website

Before you waste time and energy optimizing any Internet project, you must make sure that your site is ready to face fickle search engine filters.

Important: regular SEO audit

To insure the success and prosperity of your project, you must promptly calculate any technical, navigational, and marketing errors that may impede your site’s advancement, reduce its visibility, or decrease the amount of traffic.

Conducting regular audits is imperative in order to reveal any changes necessary to grab your visitors’ attention and attract new customers. Audits will reveal not only where your customers originally found your link, but also what attracts and retains their attention. Find out what keeps you above the competition and pinpoint any advantages over competitors you’re missing out on.

SEO audit: Identifying deviation

SEO audit is a great start to reach a new efficiency level. If you want to turn your web resource into a powerful tool for business activity in the shortest possible time, SEMSEO employees are ready to provide you with professional support. We will conduct a comprehensive test of your resource for its compliance with the requirements of search engines and identify all deviations from standard SEO norms.

Search audits of a site assume the following actions:

  • visibility analysis of the site and its interaction with search engine databases by demonstrating how the pages of your site appear in search engines, evaluating indexing, analyzing the competitive environment, and determining which components are working incorrectly;
  • site structure analysis, which includes diagnostics of site navigation system, quality of backlinks, correcting site structure and its correspondence of subjects to audiences, identification of inefficient elements, and other technical errors;
  • checking text and multimedia content for urgency and relevance to the search queries required.

You will receive a detailed report of the analysis containing a complete list of recommendations for troubleshooting and improving the technical state of your site. This study will help increase search engine loyalty to your Internet resource, bumping you to the top positions, and, therefore, increasing page visits.

SEO audit: San Francisco, California

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