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In order to be successful on the Internet, it is very important to carefully monitor the status of your website. If something goes wrong, urgent measures should be taken. The slightest error in your web resource means the loss of positions, traffic, potential customers, and money. Any inconsistency with the requirements and algorithms of the leading search engines inevitably leads to a decline in the site’s position.

SEO Audit: Prompt error corrections

That is exactly why it’s necessary to make a permanent audit of websites, and you may choose to try our SEO AUDITOR service. Entrust the task to experienced specialists and you will get a competent and qualitative SEO analysis. Our services include a comprehensive study of the main factors that affect search positions of a website. These are the technical aspects of compatibility with search engines and the quality of backlinks which point to your pages.

We determine the current state of the resource and identify all the problems. This allows us to promptly correct errors which are negatively affecting the performance of the website.

SEO Audit: Detailed recommendations

SEO audit is indispensable to assess the site competitiveness and success. We develop an individual promotion strategy for each client according to the challenges and complexity of the work, including both the initial optimization and plan for further development of the website.

Data collection for all parameters and criteria is carried out using a variety of professional programs that scan your web pages. The information is summarized and the optimal solutions are proposed. As a result, we identify the website’s weaknesses and provide detailed recommendations on how to improve user experience (site usability audit). This data will allow you to reach high positions in search engines, will stabilize traffic growth, and increase revenue.

SEO Audit: San Francisco, California

SEMSEO is a California SEO company, which offers best-price SEO audits in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other locations within the state. Our experts provide all digital marketing and website development services to local companies: