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Do you want to see a real TOPless show?

Laptop, fax, a paper folder, calculator, even the paper clip lying lonely on the office table – you can touch them all. You see the system administrator who has fixed the network, shake hands with the courier delivering your mail. Thanking the technician for promptly replacing the printer cartridge, you go online and try to find your website. You type in the search for your product or service (just as a potential buyer would), but… you don’t find it at the top. You try to find the answer to the obvious question – how does my target audience know that the best offer for their query is with us?

That’s when you learn about the existence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a service that you can’t touch like a paper clip on the table or observe like an ink cartridge replacement, but one that will propel your website to the top, making it easier for potential buyers to find. Obviously, without proper search engine optimization, your website will remain TOPless, shyly hiding from the view of rare random visitors.

Let’s go back to your target customers, unwilling to spend time on extensive searches for the best deal. Imagine one of them, taking 5 minutes of free time at work, cautiously looking around, deciding to find the product he needs on the Internet. He opens only the first few links, knowing that beyond them, he will likely find only low-quality websites, many of which have long been abandoned or are not related to his query. Among these links is your website, capturing his attention with a variety of products, prices, visually appealing design, and user-friendly interface. Your consumer closes the remaining links, carefully notes the address, makes up an unlikely excuse to leave work early, and heads to your location to make a purchase. A desirable scenario, isn’t it?

It is precisely internal SEO optimization that helps promote the website to the top for queries. How?

For this, we use a set of variables, recommending a specific combination based on the needs and orientation of your website. All actions are aimed at making the site appealing to search engines. Search engines favor websites based on their compliance with certain formulas and rules. A professional optimizer remembers that, despite strict requirements, it is important for the site to maintain presentability and user-friendliness. SemSeo employees promote websites in this way – taking into account both the requirements of search engines and the psychology of visitor behavior on the site.

If you disagree with your website being dubbed the embarrassing nickname “TOPless,” it’s time to turn to specialists who will “dress” it up and bring it to the top!

Components of internal optimization work:

  • Compiling a semantic core.
  • URL structure optimization .
  • Meta descriptions for the website.
  • TITLE and H1 optimization.
  • Internal linking.
  • Text optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • Creating sitemap files.
  • Indexing the site in Google.
  • Installing Google Analytics.
  • Google Markup (Разметка).

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