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Surfing the Internet is a popular pastime, but it is dangerous as well. The Internet is not only a source of useful information, but also a medium for the dissemination of computer viruses and spam. Therefore, to protect your site against hacker attacks and subsequent breaks, it is necessary to pay special attention to safety.

Website security: Safety monitoring

Viruses and other malware pose a serious threat to the safety of your data. This infection gets to sites in various ways, breaking the administrative interface and accessing the database, file system, or admin panel. To make things worse, the search engines block the infected sites and inform users about the presence of viruses and malicious scripts. Consequently, one runs the risk of missing out on visitors.

Web Studio SEMSEO provides high-quality services for site security monitoring. The easiest and quickest way to ensure the life cycle of your web project, including site security, is to use the web interface. We take care of all the administrative steps to control the site structure, content, traffic and other components. The administrative interface handles an unlimited number of user groups and allocates rights between them in the portal.

There are two obligatory groups in the system:

  • Administrator – users with unlimited access to the system, incorporated into the theme of the site, using a special code. They are responsible for the site safety and its security.
  • Everyone – unauthorized and unregistered users of the site.

Website security: Key to success

Site security assumes three things: a robust site management system, security of the web hosting account, and literacy of site administrators or anyone who carries out their duties. If even one of these three elements is weak, the site will remain vulnerable.

SEMSEO will protect your site from hacking, exposure, and traffic redirection to prevent site blockage with search engines and antivirus software. Based on security policy, we compute problems, symptoms, threats and take protective measures before your Internet project suffers! We guarantee the effective promotion of your business, and reliable, uninterrupted website performance, without downtime and losing customers.

Website security: San Francisco, California

SEMSEO offers best prices for website security and digital marketing services in California. Our experts provide all e-marketing and web development assistance to local businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and across the United States: