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As with any Internet project, just having a stylish website design is not enough. To make the resource popular, and to attract and retain potential customers, a great attention must be given to usability. The easier it is for users to understand the website interface and find necessary information, the likelier they will transition from visitors into buyers.

Website Usability Audit: Increase traffic!

In the San Francisco Bay Area, this service is especially needed for companies that desire to improve their brand image and increase visitor loyalty. It is essential for businesses which are developing through Internet marketing and virtual sales.

Digital marketing company SEMSEO provides you with professional and quality assistance in order to improve the commercial efficiency of your site. We offer usability audits, which evaluate the informative, functional, and visual attractiveness of the websites. Entrust your resources to the hands of our experienced experts and provide your project with stable high traffic flow, as well as favorable search positions.

Website Usability Audit: A thorough analysis

Using special analytical tools, we determine the target audience and their needs, find out how users behave, determine the information they seek, evaluate the performance of various services, and reveal both positive and negative points. SEMSEO tests whether users can easily navigate the website, and analyzes the text content and visual structure of the page. Based on the data collected, we monitor the users’ behavior and provide a map of project weaknesses with a description of all problems found.

Implementation of our recommendations based on the results of the usability audit will allow you to:

  • get a user-friendly site for visitors with convenient navigation;
  • increase attendance and the number of pages viewed;
  • increase the involvement and motivation of current customers;
  • improve positions in search engines.

Website Usability Analysis: San Francisco, CA

Digital marketing & Web development company SEMSEO offers best prices for website analyses in California and the United States. We provide all assistance to the local companies in the San Francisco Bay Area: