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Integration, Installation, and Configuration of SMS.MD

We offer services for setting up SMS broadcasts in Moldova. Specifically:

  1. Configuration and Launch of Broadcasts:
    • We handle the complete setup of SMS broadcasts, starting from defining the target audience to choosing the sending time. We guarantee the effectiveness and accuracy of each broadcast, sending to your databases or using operator databases or others.
  2. Preparation of Broadcast Templates:
    • We develop unique and attractive SMS message templates that align with your brand and broadcast goals.
  3. Preparation of a File for Automatic Broadcasting:
    • We create files ready for automatic broadcasting, ensuring fast and uninterrupted message delivery without the need for manual intervention. We also configure transactional SMS broadcasts.
  4. Integration of with Other Services:
    • We ensure compatibility of SMS broadcasts with other services, allowing you to easily integrate them into your current business stack. Compatible with Bitrix24, amoCRM, Yclients, CRM.MD, and others.
  5. Short Links:
    • We implement short links in SMS broadcasts to enhance convenience and traceability. This allows you to shorten long URLs and receive analytics on clicks.
  6. SMS Analytics:
    • We provide detailed analytics on the results of SMS broadcasts, including delivery statistics, opens, and other key metrics. This information helps evaluate campaign effectiveness and make adjustments to the strategy.

Our services for setting up SMS broadcasts are designed to provide you with a highly effective and professional tool for communicating with your audience. We guarantee high quality and a personalized approach to each client.

Prices for SMS.MD Services