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Website Maintenance

Supporting a website is equivalent to managing a business. The responsibilities of administering internet resources should be entrusted to individuals capable of maintaining the site at a high level and having the potential to improve the entire project as a whole.

Managing a website includes full control and content filling with thematic content, as well as providing recommendations for improvement and development of the project. Entrusting your website to SEMSEO, you place it in the hands of professionals who can identify and rectify existing site shortcomings in the shortest possible time, including technical functioning and overall perception by the target audience.

Why hire an in-house employee? With us, it’s easier, more convenient, and cost-effective! Any work on your website is done quickly and efficiently! Guarantee! Entrusting the management of your site to our company will be the best solution for those who want their existing site not only to gain immense popularity online but also to always provide its visitors with proven, quality, interesting, and, most importantly, up-to-date information. Continuous website maintenance involves a number of specific nuances that an ordinary administrator without experience in this field may overlook, which, however, can significantly impact the rating of your internet resource.

We perform technical and other work on your website:

  1. Content Management: Filling and editing the website content (priced hourly or by tariff). Working in the website admin panel. Adding products, photos, and more. Editing the visual part from the admin panel.
  2. Programming: Working with website code, configuring CMS, email, structure, hosting, and more… (priced hourly or by tariff)
  3. SEO module + text field: Adding an SEO module and technical programming work for the text field.
  4. Integration of sales with GA: Integration of sales with Google Analytics (Monetization)
  5. Integration with 1C: One-way exchange site – 1C
  6. Integration with 1C: Two-way exchange site – 1C
  7. Online payment connection: Connecting online payment to the site Bank RM
  8. Feed preparation: Preparing a data feed for dynamic remarketing with automation
  9. Online payment integration: Other.

The administration of the website is implemented either on an hourly basis or according to a tariff.

Take care of your business today and entrust the management of your website to the real specialists at SEMSEO. They will do even more for you than you expect.

We work individually with each client, devising an optimal service delivery scheme that is most suitable for the project.

Prices for website maintenance in Boston


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