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People have trouble finding your website through the relevant search queries? Often, this happens when the textual contents of a site do not match the search requests. Your site loses its position and the page relevance decreases when it does not answer the asked question. As a result, these factors negatively influence the requirements of search engines and users.

Therefore, if you decide to sell your products or services via the Internet, you need to prepare a web resource for the influx of customers in a proper way. Particular attention should be paid to the textual content of the site pages, which determine the specific theme of the site and its focus.

Web content audit: A detailed study

A comprehensive audit will bring much-needed changes to the texts on your site. The experienced professionals from SEMSEO will spearhead with this task. Our employees will analyze the text and multimedia content of your resource and will enhance its quality, taking into consideration how potential customers think and search engines analyze web pages.

We will ensure the texts are clear and easy to read, and the headlines are informative and attractive to the target audience. In addition, we will pay attention to text volume and frequency of updates, and we will check the reliability and relevance of content, in line with actual requests of real users.

Text content audit: A reliable estimate

Having ordered the audit, you can check the literacy and uniqueness of your texts, and get an assessment of the content relevance and usability.

Based on the results of the audit, you will receive a detailed report containing a complete list of identified errors, inaccuracies, and typos, as well as practical recommendations for finalizing and improving the quality of text materials.

Web content audit: San Francisco, CA

Our SEO experts and copywriters provide online content audit, copy editing and proofreading services for websites in California, the United States and worldwide. Our team offers best prices and all assistance to local businesses in San Francisco, CA: