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Website Analysis – Multilateral Site Audit

SEMSEO has lead website audits to a new level, and now we offer complete and affordable audits, which will help to promote your web project.

As you know, every website needs an SEO optimization. All webmasters, amateur and professional, have to collect a huge amount of data about search engines, websites, links, and pages. One of the secrets of how to increase website revenue lies in the use of qualitative and advanced analyses.

SEMSEO offers a set of four analyses for search engine optimization, which will speed up the work of an SEO manager at all stages of website promotion.



Find keyword recommendations for your website and check its rankings in 700+ search engines. Learn how much of Internet traffic came from each search query. Get an SEO analysis for your 10 competitors. Check your positions in the universal search resultsLearn more >


Competitive content analysis, which will give you ideas for correct on-page SEO optimization. Full analysis of the links on your web pages and identification of problems with HTML code… Learn more >


This analysis shows competitors’ inbound links and gives tips on quality resources for placing links. You will find here the volume of web traffic for each link. Helps to detect more than 100,000 incoming links… Learn more >


Link exchange management with link validity check. Opens opportunities for 3-way and 4-way exchange… Learn more >

What can audits from SEMSEO do?

Compile and refine the keyword lists (semantic core):
– generate a wide list of queries using 20 keyword matching tools;
– analyze the competition and the number of searches for each keyword or phrase;
– calculate the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) and indicate the most effective keywords.

Monitor website position for any keyword:
– check the current website positions in the specified search engines;
– compare current and previous results;
– build graphs of position changes over time;
– analyze the positions of 10 competitors.

Analyze website structure:
– perform a full analysis of website structure;
– identify flaws in structure, which decrease website rankings (errors in HTML code, broken links, HTTP server errors, etc.);
– help locate duplicate content in headlines, meta descriptions, and other HTML elements of web pages;
– effectively organize the link structure of website.

Optimize website content for selected search engines:
– find and analyze 10 competitors in the top of SERP;
– calculate optimal keyword density;
– give specific recommendations for placing keywords in all HTML elements of the page.

Form an effective strategy for link building:
– track competitors’ incoming links;
– analyze and classify backlinks by a variety of parameters (PageRank, relevance of pages, website type (forum, social media, etc.), anchor text, IP address, etc.);
– recommend the best link resources for your website;
– measure the volume of web traffic coming to the website for every inbound link.

Manage inbound and outbound links:
– find the best partners for reciprocal and 3-4-way link exchange;
– have correspondence with potential partners via a full-featured email client and templates;
– create and place backlinks in link directories;
– control the validity of paid and free backlinks on a partner website (detect robots.txt, noindex tags, nofollow, frames, etc.)


Price starts from $129